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All Casino Software is Not Created Equal

Of course making that statement is coning a cliché, but it’s something new casino players have to understand. Casino software is not a “one size fits all,” and it will vary according to the site on which you are playing. For this reason you cannot assume you can use the same strategies on every site you play. Unless you know the game is the exact same one and is using the exact same software you will need to develop your strategy for that site.

On the other hand software can be customized to fit the user or operator, so you may even find the same software on two different sites but it may operate just a little differently because of different designs. For instance, the roulette wheel may spin faster or slower or the dice in the craps games may fall differently. If you play different sites it is best to assume that each site on which you play is running different software.


All casino software will have to use randomizers, they are not allowed to run on a pre-programmed setting. This would open it up to being abused, and people who knew the system would be able to beat it each and every time. So it is a requirement that every online casino software uses randomizers to make random decisions for each and every bet.

Of course, they will have set percentages at which they should run too, this is exactly the same as a regular slot machine. So there is no difference with you playing a casino game online or at your local casino. All of the reputable online casino brands will be very open about their percentages too, so you can compare them from one casino to another.